These Are the Best Places to Hide Yourself in Your House

When you have a limited amount of time to hide from another person, you might be tempted to jump into the first hiding spot you see. But if you’re in a high-stakes situation such as trying to evade an intruder, the most obvious hiding places won’t cut it. 

They won’t help you become the household hide-and-seek champion either.

The best places to hide in your house are dark places with plenty of cover. Deep closets, small spaces, and places that are more difficult for someone to get to. After you hide, it’s equally as important to do your best to avoid detection and stay hidden.

Next time you need somewhere to hide, prepare yourself with these great hiding places inside your house as well as a few tips to keep you from getting caught. 

Inside a Closet

A closet may sound like one of the most obvious hiding places anyone could ever come up with. But that doesn’t change the fact that closets make ideal hiding spots when you’re in a pinch. Especially if they are pretty deep and don’t have any lights inside them to illuminate the dark corners.

Making this one work for you isn’t as simple as ducking inside the closet door though.

The best way to hide inside a closet is to push yourself as far back as you can possibly go and find something to hide under, behind, or inside. A pile of clothes, for example, is great for covering yourself so it doesn’t look like a person is in the closet if anyone looks inside.

The idea is the same if you have large boxes that you can climb inside or get behind.

If you happen to keep long coats or dresses in the back of your closet, you can always slip inside of one and stick your feet down in a pair of boots so you blend in with the hanging items in the depths of the dark closet.

It’s important to think about whether or not the hinges on your closet door squeak, which could give you away while you’re trying to hide. If you can’t get inside without making noise, you’re better off looking for somewhere else to hide.

Underneath Something

Looking up and down takes the most effort for a person’s eyes. The underside of something won’t be in someone’s natural line of sight, which gives you the option of crawling underneath something.

The first thing most people come up with is hiding under a bed. 

It’s extremely easy to get under most beds but it’s also a very common hiding place. If you thought about it first, the person looking for you is probably going to think of it as well. A bed can work if it’s all you have and it’s pushed against a wall with plenty of stuff underneath it for you to hide behind.

Sliding underneath something will serve you better if it’s something people wouldn’t normally expect a person to get under.

If at all possible, you should hide under the couch, a recliner, or shelving units. Being uncomfortable for a little while is definitely worth it if you get out of a hairy situation without being found. 

Somewhere Small

This one will work best if you’re already a small person. You have more options of places to hide open to you because you can fit better than most people in cramped spaces.

There’s a good chance someone breaking into your home, or even the person who’s it in a game of hide-and-seek, wouldn’t think to look in a clothes hamper under all the piled-up clothes. They might not realize someone could fit in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.

You might even be able to squeeze into the space between a couch or headboard and the wall if you have a little bit more time on your hands.

In the Attic or Basement

These places may be off-limits if you’re playing a game but in the event that you’re attempting to hide yourself from a burglar, you may just have enough time to get out of the main portion of your house.

Attics and crawl spaces are excellent places to hide as intruders usually won’t make the effort to search them. You might also have a lot of stuff stored up in your attic that provides you with quick cover. 

The basement may not be as much trouble to get into as the attic but there’s also a higher chance someone would take the time to look down there for you. Depending on your basement, you may have to navigate creaky doors or stairs in order to hide.

If not, quickly and quietly making your way down to the basement to hide may be your best option. Even better if there’s access to the outside from down there.

Multiple Places

It may not always be possible for you to stay in the same hiding spot when you’re trying to stay away from someone. Getting to a phone, door, or a better hiding spot should be a top priority, which means you’ll have to move from one place to the next.

While it’s extremely risky to move hiding spots when you’re trying to keep out of sight but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In order to avoid detection, it’s important to be as quiet as possible, move outside of the person’s line of sight, and hide in places where they’ve already searched. It’s a good idea to already have other places to hide throughout your house in mind so you’re not just running and scrambling for a place to hide before you get caught.

Tips for Hiding From Someone

Staying hidden is just as important as finding the perfect place to hide. Here are a few tips to help you keep out of sight for as long as you need.

  • Silence is key – Take off your shoes if they’re loud, avoid squeaky doors, and don’t scream or breathe loudly. If you have to make a phone call, use the quietest voice possible.
  • Bring your phone with you – Calling 911 is one of the first things you should do when you find a sufficient hiding place. Getting help is more important than staying hidden until you’re safe.
  • Try not to disturb the environment – Don’t make it obvious where you are by moving things out of place. Leave as little evidence of your trail as possible.
  • Maximize your cover – Staying hidden is so much easier when you have plenty of cover. Use the items around you to keep yourself as obscured as you can while you’re hiding.
  • If at all possible, get out of the house – If you have the opportunity to leave your home when someone breaks in, do it. Hiding inside your house will never be as safe as going somewhere else to get help.